Eylon Levy claims he was sacked because Sara Netanyahu opposed him

Eylon Levy has claimed that he was sacked as an Israeli government spokesman due to his support for anti-Netanyahu protests rather than over a social media spat with David Cameron.

The spokesman, who was first suspended from his role in March, said the story of dismissal had, “far more to do with domestic Israeli politics than the British press picked up.”

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “In Israel, it was widely reported in the middle of January that the Prime Minister’s wife wanted me removed from my position because I’d been active in protesting against this government, against its judicial reform plans, over the summer.”

Levy added: “I wouldn’t wish on any country the sort of crisis that saw Israeli civil society mobilise, come together, put political differences aside and fight together for what matters – destroy Hamas and bring back the hostages.

“But as the Israeli media have been reporting that has been some of the context of some of the drama in recent months.”

Levy, a graduate of University College School Hampstead and the University of Oxford, rose to prominence after October 7 as he rapidly became the face of hasbara in English-language media.

Last month, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron posted a message urging the Israeli government to increase aid shipments into the Gaza Strip.

Replying, Levy, in a now-deleted tweet, said: “I hope you are also aware there are NO limits on the entry of food, water, medicine, or shelter equipment into Gaza, and in fact the crossings have EXCESS capacity. Test us. Send another 100 trucks a day to Kerem Shalom and we’ll get them in.”

According to Israel’s Channel 12 news, the Foreign Office then wrote to the Israeli government asking if the post they deemed critical of Cameron was the country’s official position, at which point Levy was suspended.

Speaking yesterday, however, Levy claimed that this narrative was incorect.

“The Israeli media made a mountain out of a molehill and sensationalised something that was actually very innocuous,” he told The Sun.

“I had replied to Lord Cameron on Twitter about the question of humanitarian aid.

“I understand that someone in the Foreign Office sent a WhatsApp to someone in Israel asking whether my tweets criticising the foreign secretary, or replying to him, were reflective of Israeli government policy and as I said the context of the drama in Israel is well known to everyone here.”

In January, Israeli media reported that Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, wanted Levy to be fired over social media posts criticising her husband.

The former journalist had also played a role in organising anti-judicial reform protests.

The British-born spokesman has launched a freelance effort to defend Israel on the airwaves since his sacking.

Speaking to The Sun, he insisted: “Israel is going to continue going after Hamas, doing everything it can to bring back the hostages.

“We know Hamas and Islamic jihad are executing the hostages, starving them, torturing them, raping them, and we’re not going to allow that to continue.”

American President Joseph Biden has thrown Israel under a bus, he added.

“I don’t think anyone expected this war to last quite as long as it has.

“Unfortunately now we’re entering well into the American presidential calendar, the war has become more than a distraction.

“It’s become a political problem for President Biden, who is now coming under increasing pressure from the left of his party.”

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2024-04-11 11:53:45

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