North Jersey home overlooking Manhattan skyline listed

Years before he became one of the Empire State Building’s key financiers, an East Coast industrialist strategically positioned his home to overlook the evolving Manhattan skyline.

Listed this April for slightly less than $2.5 million by Christine Lane of Compass New Jersey, 10 Edgewood Terrace in Montclair was completed 115 years ago on what then was highly coveted real estate, according to an August 1907 report in The Montclair Times.

Known as the triangle, the property bound by Highland Avenue, Edgewood Road and Edgewood Terrace was “considered one of the finest residential sites on the mountainside, having a gentle slope and being prettily wooded with forest trees,” according to the report. The triangle later became known for shaping the fork in the road baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra famously told people “to take” to arrive at his Highland Avenue home.

A Montclair home completed in the spring of 1909, 10 Edgewood Terrace was built for Ellis P. Earle, who helped finance the Empire State Building.

Seeking to capitalize on the triangle’s strengths and lack of development in the early 1900s was Ellis P. Earle.

Earle, who in 1907 held the claims to one of Canada’s most productive silver mines, Ontario’s Nipissing Mine, bought the triangle that summer. Later that year, he revealed plans for the now eight-bedroom and nine-bathroom Tudor castle at 10 Edgewood Terrace.

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