Ted Nugent Explains What’s Going on At The Treasury Dept

Rocker and NRA board member Ted Nugent acknowledged the absurdity of “the guy who wrote Wango Tango” explaining what’s going on with gun rights at the Department of Treasury.

Nugent appeared on Fox News Friday where anchor Dana Perino asked him to weigh in on the Treasury Department’s “privacy violations” against gun owners.

“This week, new scrutiny on Biden’s Treasury Department for allegedly putting a target on the backs of MAGA Republicans and tracking sensitive banking information as part of its invest to January 6th,” Perino said. “Terms like ‘Trump,’ ‘MAGA,’  and even ‘Bass Pro Shops’ were reportedly flagged to the federal government.”

Perino then played video of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin refusing to answer reporter Hillary Vaughn’s questions about the Second Amendment concerns.

VAUGN: Secretary Yellin, this is an issue Americans are worried about. They think they’re being targeted because of who they voted for and who their religion is and where they shopped.YELLIN: I’m not taking questions.VAUGHN: But Secretary Yellin, can you at least have any words of assurance to Americans who are worried about this?YELLIN: No pictures.

Perino turned to Nugent, “So, she won’t answer questions, she won’t take a picture, and this went on for a few days this week. And I’m just curious what you are hearing from other

gun owners of America and their concerns about what is happening or not at Treasury.”

Nugent declared, “Well, you know, jack-booted thuggery can come in the forms of hi-tech.” He continued:

These oath violators continue to turn this once-great country into an evil empire. I mean, she’s just a bad, bad infringer. What they’re doing, Dana, they are violating their constitutional oath. I’ve taken that constitutional oath for 39 years as a sheriff deputy, and I know good over evil. I’m just a guitar player. But for the author of “Wango Tango” to actually describe what infringement means, this is just a terrible, terrible time.

Nugent added, “This high-tech infringement, we gotta put an end to this stuff. What they’re doing is they’re safeguarding criminals and they’re denying good people the right to self-defense. It’s so obvious that it’s just another criminal outrage by this government that is totally out of control.”

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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Ted Nugent Explains What’s Going on At The Treasury Dept

2024-02-10 14:31:00

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