I’m a Costco mom — here’s how I feed my three kids on $100 a month

Laura Avenius Eliason is a busy mother of three who’s always trying to stay on budget.

To feed her growing tribe — all of her kids are under 8 — without going broke, the crafty mom winds up cooking mostly from scratch.

And when she does grab her shopping cart and hit the aisles, she’s constantly on the prowl for discounts.

“Costco is one of my favorite grocery stores for finding great deals on food made with simple ingredients,” she said in a first person diary published by Insider.

She tries to get in and out of the big box store for about $100 per month, she said — a feat that surely requires extreme focus, given the retailer’s overwhelming amount of appealing deals.

Here, in her own words, are the ten items you’ll always find in her cart — and why she is constantly buying them.

A thrifty shopper explains how she manages to get in and out of the popular big box retailer for about $100 per month. Getty Images
The shopping whiz shared her Costco secrets in a first-person account. Getty Images

Kirkland Signature organic blueberries

“I find the 3-pound bag of Kirkland Signature organic frozen blueberries to be a great deal.”

“They’re great to eat as a snack or use in blueberry pancakes, muffins, and smoothies.”

“I like that frozen produce is nutritious but often cheaper than the fresh versions — it also lasts longer.”

Avenius Eliason pays $7.90 for a bag at her local Costco.

Kirkland Signature quinoa

“I often grab a bag of Kirkland Signature organic quinoa because it’s packed with nutrients and high in fiber.”

“My kids grew to enjoy quinoa due to its similarities to rice and other grains.”

A 5 lb. bag cost her $9.50 — about half of what she would have paid at her local grocery store.

Honest Kids organic juice boxes

“I rarely give my kids juice, but they love having some from the Honest Kids brand in their lunch boxes.”

“I find that these juice boxes are lower in sugar and about $5 cheaper than many competitors. I always stock up when they go on sale during back-to-school season.”

A pack of 40 juice boxes cost her $12.80 on her last trip to the retailer.

When she does grab her shopping cart and hit the aisles, the crafty mom is constantly on the prowl for discounts. Getty Images

Tortillaland flour tortillas

“My family loves having taco nights, but I’m not always a big fan of the ingredients and additives some flour tortillas have.”

“I was glad to discover Tortillaland tortillas, which list simple ingredients like flour, water, canola oil, salt, and sugar.”

For $8.50 at her local Costco, she was able to get a 50-count package.


“I’m a big fan of the quality of Costco’s large avocados, which are sold in bags of six.”

“My family loves having them in guacamole, and my kids enjoy them in avocado sushi rolls as a healthy after-school snack.”

She recently paid $6.40 for a bag.

Kirkland Signature rolled oats

“I think the Kirkland Signature oats are a great whole grain to add to your weekly breakfast and snack rotation.”

“My family eats oats for breakfast, in muffins and pancakes, or added to what my kids call “power balls” (I call them protein balls).”

“The oats are cheap, tasty, and very filling.”

A 10 pound bag cost her $8.

The store is known for its good prices on healthy foods like oatmeal and avocados. Getty Images

Sun-Maid organic raisins

“My kids genuinely enjoy raisins, and I love the price Costco has on the organic Sun-Maid pack.”

“We add raisins to oatmeal, customized trail mixes, cereal, and cookies. My toddler even likes to eat them on their own.”

“Raisins contain antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients like iron, which are important for kids’ health.”

For $8.40, she picks up two 2 lb. bags.

Kirkland Signature trail mix

“The Kirkland Signature trail mix is one of my family’s favorite treats, as it contains peanuts and M&Ms.”

“Though single-serving packs of trail mix can be cheap, I find it more cost-effective to grab a larger bag and create my own individual packs at home.”

At her local store, a 4-lb. bag is currently $12.50.

Kirkland Signature maple syrup

“I try to cook with as little sugar as possible, so I often rely on sweeteners like maple syrup.”

“The Kirkland Signature syrup tastes great and is also organic.”

“I like that it’s not made with corn syrup, and feel good about giving it to my kids to use on waffles and pancakes.”

A 1-liter jug cost her $13.

Kirkland Signature chicken-breast chunks

“Kirkland Signature chicken-breast chunks remind me of the nuggets from Chick-fil-A but are a fraction of the cost.”

“According to its packaging, the chicken has no added hormones or steroids. And, for breaded chicken, the ingredient list is much shorter than other brands I’ve encountered.”

“I serve the chicken with cut-up fruit and vegetables as a quick lunch for my kids.”

For a 4-lb. bag, she paid $14.

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