Stacey Worswick Says Her Landlord Removed The Windows In Her Home After She Joined OF To Pay Her Bills

Authorities in Lancashire, England are investigating a mom’s claims that her landlord removed the windows in her home last year after he found out that she had joined OnlyFans to pay her bills.

Stacey Worswick, 29, joined the subscription-based platform in an attempt to keep up with the rising cost of living. She’s been able to do that and even help her neighbors who are having difficulty paying their own fuel bills during the winter.

The removal of the windows took place the week before Christmas last year. According to Stacey, the move by her landlord came after an attempt to evict her without a lawful reason.

The content creator and her two kids are currently still dealing with boarded up windows. She says, “There is boarding up but it is minus two degrees. I have my heating on full 24/7 and I am having to run electric heaters on top.”

On top of that, she’s still paying her full rent and a ton for gas and electricity. She continued, “I am still paying £900 (roughly $1,100) a month rent and clocking up gas and electric bills of £650 (roughly $800) a month.”

So why doesn’t she just pickup and move? Well that’s not as easy as it sounds. Being in her first year of self employment leaves her without any tax returns to prove her income.

“I have viewed over 30 properties in the last 12 months but have been turned down for every one,” she says. “I am at the bottom of the pile every time.”

Stacey Worswick Made Some Money, But New Problems Have Arrived

Stacey’s had the police out to install arson traps and smoke alarms on the property due to threats she claims to have received from her landlord. To complicate things even more, her kids are often staying with their grandmother.

“My children sleep at my mom’s house four or five nights a week because I can’t have them staying here when it is so cold,” she explained. “I can manage but I won’t put them through it. If it wasn’t for OnlyFans I wouldn’t be able to run the gas and electric at all. It could kill me.”

Unfortunately, the authorities have dragged their feet a little bit with her case. If the situation involved a partner of hers harassing her then it would be of higher priority. The fact that it’s her landlord has pushed her down the list.

Everyone thinks if you’re low on money all you have to do is simply launch an OnlyFans and boom – all of your problems are solved. Life doesn’t work that way.

Sure, her money situation is a lot better, but now Stacey is forced to deal with a dick landlord as she forks over a ton of her hard-earned money to heat a place with boarded up windows.

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2023-12-07 21:43:46

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