Injustice Done To AP: Modi In New Parliament

Title: “PM Modi Addresses Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Partition: Calls for Fairness and Acknowledges Past Injustice”

During the inaugural session of the special Parliament meeting commemorating 75 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delved into various issues, including the historic division of Andhra Pradesh. In his address, which lasted approximately 42 minutes, he highlighted the significance of the Andhra Pradesh bifurcation, which transpired within the walls of the Parliament building.

He noted a crucial distinction: the division of Andhra Pradesh into AP and Telangana differed from the creation of Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh. Prime Minister Modi underscored that the latter three states were meticulously and systematically divided during former Prime Minister Vajpayee’s tenure, accompanied by joyous celebrations. However, he criticized the process of Andhra Pradesh’s partition, asserting that it failed to satisfy the populace of both states.

The Prime Minister indirectly pointed fingers at the Congress, highlighting the challenges arising from the division and emphasizing the efforts invested in the formation of Telangana.

He acknowledged the injustice done to Andhra Pradesh and expressed concern that Telangana had not experienced celebratory moments following its establishment, deeming it an unfortunate circumstance.

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